Dr. adedayo Joseph

Clinical & Radiation Oncologist
Specializes in the treatment of cancer with chemotherapy & Radiation therapy

Adedayo Joseph is a Clinical Radiation Oncologist, Public Speaker, and Coach who is committed to improving the survival rates of cancer patients in Nigeria, as well as helping women in the workplace find purpose and attain their full potential in life & career.

She is a Consulting Clinical Radiation Oncologist with the NSIA-LUTH Cancer Center; and has previously worked with some of the most reputable hospitals in Nigeria including Lakeshore Cancer Center, the premier private cancer center in Nigeria. She is a board member and director at The Pediatric Center; a leading children’s hospital in the Lekki Region of Lagos State, and is a recognized cancer economics, control and policy advocate.

Dr. Joseph is a founding board member, and the Executive Director of The Dorcas Cancer Foundation; a Non-Profit Organization focused on improving childhood cancer survival in Nigeria through awareness, research, and direct treatment funding.

She is a public speaker, teacher, and coach, with regular appearances at seminars and training events, teaching on cancer control and screening, work-life balance for women, personal branding, and finding and fulfilling one’s life purpose. Her Best Life Series is very popular with women in the workplace.

She is an active member of several national and international oncology & non-profit organizations; and is a passionate promoter of women’s health issues, improvement of medical education, and Cancer Control & Policy in Nigeria. She mentors several young women and men in both medical and non-medical fields.

Dr. Joseph is an avid reader, known to all for her love of reading & studying. She loves history, old movies, and enjoys travelling for conferences and discovering new places.

She is a wife and mother; who places God and family first in all her endeavors.